Performance «being» by Bára Sigfúsdóttir from Belgium in Tehran Workshop in Iran/ Da Theater House

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Sound Art Workshop By Lilian Beidler From Switzerland

Sound Art Workshop

Lilian Beidler | Switzerland
Lilian Beidler is a musician from Switzerland. Sound being a fundamental of her work, she explores different media and their influence on the perception of the human body and composition within a performative context. Using performative sound art as both a research method and an artistic tool she explores public space, intercultural communication and sociological topics to contribute to a discourse within a worldwide society.  She graduated with an MA Performance Making from Goldsmiths University of London/UK in 2015, also holding a Master’s degree in Contemporary Arts Practice from Bern University of the Arts in Switzerland, 2010. She was awarded the “Recognition award music” from the Canton of Bern/CH in 2015. Lilian is a lecturer at Bern University of the Arts.
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