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Live performance of reverse painting on glass & music in Iran by Neda Notash

پرفورمنس نقاشی پشت شیشه

For the first time in the history of reverse painting on glass with music presented by Neda Notash (Idea maker & painter), Elnaz Notash (Oud player) and Zahra Mohamadie (singer) for the audience of the museum on 29 March 2019 (11 am up to 14:30).
During the performance Neda Notash (painter) answered to the audience’s questions and transferred her knowledge about the history of reverse painting. 
This performance had positive feedbacks by the audiences and enthusiasts and holding these kinds of workshops is a continuous professional process in future by Glass Painting Museum.

Neda Notash• Reverse painter on glass•

Reverse painting on glass is an art form consisting of applying paint to a piece of glass and then viewing the image by turning the glass over and looking through the glass at the image. Another term used to refer to the art of cold painting and gilding on the back of glass is verre églomisé, named after the French decorator Jean-Baptiste Glomy (1711–۸۶), who framed prints using glass that had been reverse-painted. 
This art form has been around for many years. It was widely used for sacral paintings since the middle Ages. In Iran, the art form had humble beginnings but gradually became popular in the royal court in the previous centuries. From then on, images of royal women and scenes of feasting or hunting appeared on the back of the glass. The  first known sample of reverse painting in Iran includes beautiful birds & flowers that were often depicted on mirror or glass their construction dates back to the Zand  period. Over the time,  in Qajar era ,the  painting  behind  glass  &  mirror  with  the  pattern  of  birds and flowers became popular

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