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“Event At Home”

“Event at home”
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Every living creature can join this event.
The purpose of da theater house and velengarda group is to invite you to treat your body and things around you differently and share your experience with others to feel alive on these Coronavirus pandemic quarantine days.
There is not only dance but also any other kind of performances is accepted in this event, even showing the body or visual arts and using tools around you.
“Cash awards “
There would be a cash award for top two winners.
“Event conditions “
•Performances should have 5seconds to 5minutes length.
•The film should be one take recorded(no cuts).
•Performances should have music.
•Performances should be sent in one week.
•Send your performances to 09364900566 whatsApp or Telegram or post it on your Instagram page and tag and direct message this page.
All performances will be shared as story in Da Theater house page on Instagram.
You can contact on Telegram or WhatsApp for further info:09364900566

Or E-Mail:

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