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Da Theatre House is an award-winning as the top independent theatre institute

انتخاب «خانه نمایش دا» به عنوان تماشاخانه برتر در سی و هفتمین جشنواره بین المللی فجر

For the first time in the history of 37th Fadjr International Theatre Festival, an independent theater institute has been awarded a special prize.

TEHRAN, Feb. 23- “Da Theatre House” is an award-winning as the top independent theatre institute by the jury on the 37th Fadjr International theatre festival/Iran-Tehran 2019.
Vahdat Hall hosted the awards ceremony, attended by Iranian artists and international guests and the Peace Award in Plus Fadjr section(+Fadjr) went to “Da Theatre House” for especial focusing on the field of body and movement with respect to research component and successful collaboration with theatrical teams. Kasra Shahinie as Director of Da Theatre House was asked to come on the stage to present the award and for the first time, an independent theater institute in Iran has been awarded a special prize.

Fadjr International Theater Festival featuring national and global theatrical works and performs since 1983 up to now in Tehran capital of Iran.

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Da Art tourist – Day1 On Saturday dated 09/Feb/2019 at 18:00’, the first art tourism project was officially launched. German tourists arrived in Da House Theatre. And ...

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